Sidewalks and Walkways

Installing a new sidewalk or walkway will complement your homes entryway and curb appeal. A freshly installed concrete sidewalk or walkway add a level of quality and elegance to a homes entrance that is unmatched. We offer many different colors and shapes allowing for unique color schemes and patterns to be achieved.

Give Your Guests A Beautiful First Impression

Our concrete walkways and sidewalks can be built to provide a beautiful flow and consistency to compliment the design of your home and other outdoor structures and areas. You may simply want to install a garden path to compliment your yards landscaping or lead to a quiet garden spot. Lemus Concrete Co. will certainly discuss your plans to help guide you in the right direction from design to choosing the colors of your concrete sidewalk or walkway.
Whether you are strolling down your walkway through the backyard to have coffee in your favorite garden area or welcoming your family and friends to your home, a custom or new concrete walkway will elegantly enhance the ambiance of your yard and home.

Let Us Assist You!

There are infinite amount of styles and design options available to you. But if you are unsure with what you want yet, that’s okay. Just call us at (248) 525-0549 we’d be happy to give you a free consultation. We can discuss the possibilities with you, explain the benefits of different designs, and help make the decision process as easy as possible!
If you have areas of concern on your property, we can carefully address those as well. Maybe you have uneven ground where you want your walkway or an area where water seems to collect. Let us help you figure out the safest, most appealing, yet cost-effective way to handle the situation, and you will be happy with the results!

We Are Proven And Trusted

No matter the size of your property in the Metro Detroit area or the number of walkways and sidewalks you desire, we commit to providing you with courteous and high-quality customer service. We’ll be honest about the project budget and about our timetable for completing your project. Our mission is not only to give you the best concrete installation possible, but we also strive to help you enjoy the process at the same time! Contact us today at (248) 525-0549 for a free onsite estimate.